Other Ways to Help

How Else Can I Help?

Interested in connecting to EPB’s fiber optic network? EPB (Electric Power Board) of Chattanooga is garnering a list of those interested in accessing their fiber optic network, but who have been prevented from doing so by the unfair and restrictive state laws. Note that this is a contact to a commercial entity (EPB), but it does not bind you to any contract for their services. It is a direct number to an EPB representative that will take your name, address and contact information. This list of names will indicate to them where they need to focus on building out their fiber optic network, so only call this number if you are interested in their broadband service. Contact 1-(844) 528-7597.  Even if you do not leave in or near Hamilton County, EPB wants to hear from you, to gauge how far out they may need to build, or they can refer you to another municipal broadband provider closer to you.  Tennessee has 7 of these!
• Join the Citizens Striving to be Part of the 21st Century email group. Email us at 21stCenturyCitizens, and leave your name and email address at this link. We will add your name and email address to our email list, and you will receive regular updates about our activities. You can decide your own level of activity within our group as your schedule and interests dictate. Note: we will not sell your email address to any commercial entity!
• Contact your Tennessee State Senator and State Representatives. If you don’t know who your state Representatives or Senator are, go to http://www.capitol.tn.gov/legislators/ and enter your street address and city in the link. Their names, photos and email addresses will be then displayed on the screen. Feel free to encourage them to support HB 1303 and SB 1134 in next year’s legislative session. Also inform them of the frustrations that you and your family experience in reaching a fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet connection. And remind them that you vote! If your legislators are not interested in supporting your ability to find a fast, reliable and affordable broadband internet connection, remember this when you do vote.
• Contact your county and city representatives and encourage them to take a look at partnering with their electric company or cooperative, along with a municipal broadband provider such as EPB. As of early May 2015, the city of Athens, TN has entered into an agreement with EPB and Volunteer Electric Cooperative (VEC) to provide fiber optic broadband internet connection to selected local businesses, as a pilot. If all goes well, it will be rolled out to other businesses and industrial locations.

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