Lost Opportunities

Lost Economic and Educational Opportunities for Tennessee Citizens

So in the meantime, what do we do?  Sit around like the powerless peons that the telecoms hope we are?  We are giving up economic opportunities for ourselves and educational opportunities for our children.  Increasingly, college and K-12 courses are being taught partially or fully online, and limited bandwidth greatly restricts the opportunity for our children to advance educationally.  Also, more people work partially or fully from home, and not having an affordable, fast broadband connection greatly limits the economic opportunities for a business person, either working from home or attempting to run a small business from a rural or semi-rural location.  Increasingly, farmers must access the internet to get weather, crop price and market information, and to advertise their products.  That the current situation greatly restricts many TN farmers is one of the reasons the Tennessee Farm Bureau has come out in support of the recent legislative bills put forth to overturn these bad laws.

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