Legislative Agenda

Our Legislative Agenda

The bottom line is that these laws are not serving us, and need to be changed.  There have been several efforts over the years to change them.  However, our lawmakers do not have good information as to who actually has wired broadband service available.  The previous efforts to collect this information via Connected Tennessee and other organizations have erroneously reported that most Tennesseans have wired broadband service.

For the 2014-2015 Tennessee state legislative session, Citizens Striving to be Part of the 21st Century helped to support two bills, HB 1303 and SB 1134.  Both of these bills aim to overturn the unfair and restrictive laws currently in place in our state.  In spite of good backing by specific state Senators and Representatives, there wasn’t quite enough support to push the bills all the way through the session, so they both got tabled until the 2015-2016 legislative session.  This was especially true of the Senate bill, SB 1134.

Please keep in mind that whereas our group Citizens Striving to be Part of the 21st Century is based in southeastern Tennessee, there are other such groups of varying types around the state.  And you can always join with us no matter where in Tennessee you live, as our effort is statewide.  We even have some residents of northwest Georgia that have joined our organization.  Plus, you can form your own group and be allied with us!   One of our allies in the Tellico Plains/Coker Creek area is Need for Speed: Bring Broadband to Coker Creek/Tellico Plains, TN

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