The 2016 Tennessee General Assembly is Convening!

in 2 weeks.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign & share the petition to change state law so more Tennesseans can access modern internet and other broadband services. Sign here: TN4fiber Petition

Let your elected representatives know that you support proposed legislation, SB1134/ HB1303, seeking to remove the territory restrictions on broadband services offered by Tennessee’s municipal electric systems. To find and contact your general assembly members, click here: and enter your street address under “Find My Legislator” at right.


  • More than 700,000 Tennesseans have access to true high-speed broadband through fiber optics thanks to seven municipal electric systems. These municipal broadband providers, who deliver fiber directly homes and businesses, make-up Tennessee Fiber Optic Communities: Chattanooga, Morristown, Bristol, Tullahoma, Clarksville, Jackson, Pulaski.
  • This 21st century technology delivers ultra-high-speed broadband internet capable of greatly improving access to education, healthcare, business, economic development and overall quality of life.This speed of light platform, and nothing less, is what the state deserves as a path to current needs, future innovations and economic development yet to be realized. This GAO report clearly demonstrates the future-proof technology of fiber optics and the speeds necessary to support telemedicine, teleworking and distance learning (refer specifically to page 6,
  • Unfortunately, more than 400,000 Tennessee households don’t have access to landline internet speeds that meet the new FCC benchmark of high speed broadband of 25 mbps.…/fcc-finds-us-broadband-deployment-not….
  • Private providers have had 15 years to serve more Tennesseans with adequate broadband speeds. Some private providers are taking nearly $179 million in federal dollars over the next 6 years to provide service to some rural Tennessee areas that will be long outdated based on the FCC’s new benchmark of 25Mbps/3Mbps.…/att-accepts-428-m-connect-america-fun……/connect-america-fund-phase-ii-funding…

Thanks for every letter, signature, email, call, or post you have made on social media to move this effort forward. There has never been as much support for this issue as there is today.

Best wishes for a great start to 2016!


Tennessee’s Fiber Optic Communities
Bristol Tennessee Essential Services
Clarksville DE Lightband
Electric Power Board of Chattanooga
Jackson Energy Authority
Morristown Utilities Commission
Pulaski ES Energize
Tullahoma Board of Public Utilities