Taking our Effort to the Next Level

The Citizens Striving to be Part of the 21st Century grassroots group is now joining hands with other similar groups around Tennessee and also with a consortium of municipal broadband providers in Tennessee known as TN4FIBER.  This group has the lobbying money behind it, and together with the grassroots groups, will be instrumental in breaking the grip that the Big Telecom industry has over our state’s legislature.  We hope to change these restrictive laws in the 2015-2016 session.  So we are really pushing it.  But we need all the help of the citizens of Tennessee to accomplish this goal.  So what can YOU do?

Below, please find links to some documents that offer concrete directions on how to help.  Any and all efforts are needed, including making others aware of the current situation and how it impedes business growth, hurts educational possibilities for our children, harms real estate sales and even public safety.  Making others aware includes writing letters to your local or state newspapers, letter/email/call campaigns to your legislators, starting or maintaining social media sites aimed at your local communities, etc.

Where Do I Start – Helpful Documents