The Broadband Internet Blues

Citizens of Tennessee:

Do You and Your Family Lack a Fast and Affordable Internet Connection?

If you and your family are struggling because you have no reliable, fast and affordable broadband internet connection, you need to know that you are not alone.  There are pockets of unserved and underserved areas all across Tennessee.

These pockets exist because of state laws which have given telecommunication companies (“telecoms”) an effective monopoly over who can provide service and more importantly, who cannot.  What a great way to limit competition!  And the end result is that our Tennessee cities have viable internet connectivity while many of our rural and semi-rural areas often do not.

Citizens Striving to be Part of the 21st Century is a grassroots non-partisan citizen action group that is composed of many people all across the southeast corner of Tennessee.  We are over 250 members, across our email and Facebook groups, and growing.  Many of us are neighbors who have no wired broadband internet option (or no broadband internet option at all).  Wireless broadband options, such as cell and satellite technology, are often available, but come at a high price and with data caps.  Around three years ago we began to form together as a loose-knit group who shared a common complaint; in the last two years we have become increasingly organized and political, and are increasingly forming alliances with other like-minded grassroots groups and lobbying organizations.  We now recognize our problem is a state wide problem.

To find out more, check out the page links to the right and view the following video (thanks to EPBFI and TN4Fiber)

How You Can Help

What we need is a list of names, along with address information, of all Tennessee residents who are underserved or unserved by their broadband internet connection, and want to do something about it. To add your name and address to the list, please SIGN THE TN4FIBER PETITION.  TN4FIBER, a consortium of municipal broadband providers around Tennessee, will present these names to our state Senators and Representatives in Nashville, in order to prove that there is a big enough problem. We, along with other grassroots groups and individuals, and TN4FIBER have been getting our message out for the last 2 or more years, more and more people are hearing about our efforts, and want to know what they can do to help. The TN4FIBER petition is designed to collect these names, to be presented to our state politicians.

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