The Broadband Internet Blues

Citizens of Tennessee: Do You and Your Family Lack a Fast and Affordable Internet Connection? If you and your family are struggling because you have no reliable, fast and affordable broadband internet connection, you need to know that you are not alone.  There are pockets of unserved and underserved areas all across Tennessee. These pockets exist because … More The Broadband Internet Blues

Local is Focal

Tennesseans, we live in a very local-oriented state.  What we get started in the state starts best in our various locales, building up steam, and then gets pushed up to the state level.  The same pertains to our grass-roots efforts to get better broadband internet service. So, this is why three recently passed local resolutions … More Local is Focal

The 2016 Tennessee General Assembly is Convening!

in 2 weeks. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign & share the petition to change state law so more Tennesseans can access modern internet and other broadband services. Sign here: TN4fiber Petition Let your elected representatives know that you support proposed legislation, SB1134/ HB1303, seeking to remove the territory restrictions on broadband … More The 2016 Tennessee General Assembly is Convening!